Protect your roof from water leaks this rainy season with the new Dulux Aquatech RoofSeal

Helpful tips and techniques from AkzoNobel to protect your home against unwanted roof leaks during rainy season

 AkzoNobel, the manufacturer and distributor of Dulux paints, has launched Dulux Aquatech RoofSeal, a durable, easy to apply, thick and elastomeric roof coating that helps prevent leaks. Using Hyrdroresist technology, this acrylic waterproofing paint features a highly elastic layer of waterproof film that offers long-lasting protection against leaks and gives protection to the walls and roofs while keeping the surfaces cool.

Water can cause serious damage to homes, especially if rain leaks into the house or if there is ground moisture. Poor quality materials can also lead to expansion and cracking, or water leakages from pipes, wastewater drains, or water pumps, and if unchecked the damage can quickly escalate. AkzoNobel suggests four areas of the house to be monitored to check if a house is experiencing leaks.

  • The wall colour should be clear and even: Differently coloured areas and unsightly rust and mold patches can be signs that water is starting to seep into your walls
  • Normally smooth wall surface becomes flaky: Always check areas that are closer to water, as these are higher-risk areas. Look at rooms that use water regularly, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, ceilings, or interior windows and walls. They are all at risk of water damage. And don’t forget exterior walls and balconies too!
  • Dry areas that become damp: If part of your house or floor becomes damp for no reason it may be because of a leaky ceiling, but although the roof is often the cause of the leak, don’t forget to check other areas, such as water pipes in the kitchen or bathroom, and remember to check walls, windows and floors. Leaks can originate in many places.
  • Musty or unpleasant smell in the house: If there is a musty smell in your home there is a chance it’s because water is leaking into it. Remember that prolonged exposure to mould and mildew can lead to health problems.

As stated by the Real Estate Information Center, the market for renovated homes in Thailand has huge potential as they are cheaper than new homes and are in good locations. The Government Housing Bank’s Real Estate Information Center (REIC) found that there are an increasing number of resale homes on the market, with an average of 162,716 units per month in the second quarter of 2022, up 17.9% from the previous quarter.1


“With the increase in demand for all types of homes, AkzoNobel has developed products that can help developers and homeowners deal with issues of water leakages. The Dulux Aquatech RoofSeal comes with up to 5 years protection against peeling and is designed to be effective in our climate,” said Wasantha Heenatigala, Commercial Director SEAP at AkzoNobel Decorative Paints.


“Apart from protection against leaks, Dulux Aquatech RoofSeal product range offers the complete solution for total home protection, no matter which part of the building they are painting,” added Wasantha.


Dulux Aquatech RoofSeal is 6 to 8 times** more flexible than typical paint and features Hydroresist technology that bridges cracks of up to 2mm while also covering the porous wall surfaces with a thick protective film, that is designed to prevent water seepage, carbonation, and fungal attack. The paint is anti-fungal and prevents algae and has passed the Thai Industrial Standards (TIS) criteria for weather resistance*** and reduces surface temperature heat from the sun.


 Following are 3 steps to help prevent rain leaks with Dulux Aquatech RoofSeal solution:

Step 1: Prepare the surface properly

  • Thoroughly wash the floor with clean water
  • Once clean, apply Dulux Mold Wash anti-algae solution and leave it for 24 hours, then rinse

Step 2: Repair the wall

  • Look for cracked areas and fill them with Dulux acrylic wall filler putty

Step 3: Apply waterproofing paint

  • 1st coat: Apply primer by using Dulux Aquatech Roofseal mixed with 30% water. Where there are cracks or wall edges, cover with fibermesh and cover with Dulux Aquatech RoofSeal for added adhesion and strength.
  • 2nd coat: Dulux Aquatech Roofseal waterproofing paint does not need to be mixed with water. Apply at a 90-degree angle from the first coat, then leave it to dry.
  • 3rd coat: Apply the 3rd coat at a 90-degree angle from the previous coat to strengthen the surface, then leave it to dry completely.


Those interested can find more information on the Dulux website or follow social media page.


Terms & Conditions apply. All claims are subject to details in the Product Data Sheet and back of the product.

** Testing method according to ASTM D412

*** Testing was conducted by Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research, testing method compliance to TISI 2321-2564


Reference: 1 Real Estate Information Center. October 6, 2022. Nationwide second-hand housing market situation in the second quarter of the year 2022. Real Estate Information Center Government Housing Bank (REIC)


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